Our services

As a branch office association of the state-affiliated Lohnsteuerberatungsverbund e. V., we are one of over 1,200 local advice centers throughout Germany. We offer the following services for employees, civil servants and pensioners with membership to our association:

Complete preparation and assistance with income tax assessments including:

  • pre-calculation of the yearly tax amounts
  • complete handling of your tax documents and correspondence with the responsible tax office
  • review of the tax assessment from the responsible tax office
  • if necessary, filing an objection or taking legal action
    provided that
  • persons receiving income only from employment, from recurring payments (e.g. pensions) or from maintenance payments is earned and/or
  • in the case of rental, capital, speculative and other income, if the income from this amounts to EUR 18,000/ EUR 36,000 p.a. (single/married persons or registered civil partnerships) is not exceeded and if there is no income subject to profit or sales tax

We also offer advice and tax assessment processing for the following:

  • homeowner's allowance with child allowance
  • investment allowance
  • child benefit
  • wage tax reduction
  • application for exemption (for income from capital assets)
  • application for non-assessment certificate

Advice on tax law issues regarding:

  • Retirement Income Act
  • employee savings allowance
  • housing subsidy
  • "Riester pension"/"Wohn-Riester" (residential Riester pension) a government subsidised private pension available in addition to the German Statutory System (Deutsche Rentenversicherung)
  • marginal employment (mini-jobs)
  • choosing the right tax bracket
  • Settlement tax
  • foreign income (based on diplomatic agreements preventing double taxation)

All our services are covered by the membership fee (partially tax-deductible), so you can take advantage of our services throughout the year at no additional cost. If you would like information regarding membership costs, how to join our association or if you have any questions, please contact us.